About us

We’re currently working on this section of our blog, but here is a brief description of Jacob’s, Santi’s and Kenneth’s blog, YawkeyTalk and how it came to be.

Jacob and Kenneth have been friends for about 3 years, and almost nightly they have baseball conversations, from the Hall of Fame to player x vs player x arguments to prospects. And now we’ve decided to take our opinions to our own blog owned by the two of us to express our opinion on the game we love, even if it differs from most. So we got together with Santi and created this.


Yawkey Talk is a baseball blog, made by a couple of teenagers no more special than you. Our writing here will vary. We’ll talk about numerous things baseball related, like weekly standouts in the MLB, prospects, articles featuring a certain player, rules of the game, Baseball HOF, and much more. We hope you’ll stick around for the ride.


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